A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Imagine playing with the rhythm of your favourite songs on this awesome bullet hell. Import you best themes and enjoy with all game modes that RhythmHell offers you. 

RhythmHell is a bullet hell game based on the rhythm, where the levels, the enemies and the different power ups are procedurally generated by... Music! 

This means each song has their own levels and each game is also different between them.  Too hard for you? Then ask help to a friend and play with him to survive! Let to your friend get that power up that needs or survive until he respawns! But even more important: Create your own playstyle!



RhythmHell isn't finished yet. We still working for improvements and making new stuff. What can you play on the current version?

-  Tutorial: New at RhythmHell? Play our tutorial to learn the basic mechanics of the game. Later, you will be ready to face every single level.

- Normal Game mode: A game mode where you have to survive among the song. You can choose one of our five songs for this version.

- Co-Op mode: If you need some help, you can ask to your best friend, your brother o whoever you want, to connect their own joystick and help you to reach the best score possible. This will be able on every game mode.



Do you want to know what we will implement on further versions?

- Up&Down mode: On this game mode you will have to avoid all enemies meanwhile your space is reduced by the music waves.

- PvP mode: Challenge your best friend on a 1 vs 1 game mode. Select the song, pick a Power-Up and face him. Throw your enemy out of the ring (Made with the music waves that you selected) and beat him!

-  Custom songs: This feature will come soon. Import your favourite songs and play with them! Do you like Rock? Then import your audio files and play them!

- More Enemies: We will be adding more enemies on the next versions. More variety of enemies make the game feel alive.

- More Power Ups: We didn’t get enough powers? Maybe you want to freeze your enemies? Or just make them smaller? This Power-Ups are not done yet, but we will make a lot more of them to bring you new playstyle possibilities.



We would love to know your opinion about the game! If you have any suggestion or idea about the game, new enemies or Power-Ups, or even new game modes, let us a comment below and we will be delighted to read and answer you! Your opinion is very important for us! 

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Install instructions

Download, then extract it, read the txt file and execute the .exe.



RhythmHell1.1.zip 79 MB

Development log


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When I launch the game, I just get a black screen with white particles coming from both sides of the screen... What's happening ?

PS4 controller compatible


Very good game, entertaining, fun and different.

Engage playing with music that is'nt the typical videogame.

Mobile version pleaseeeeeeeeeee


The page says it's for Windows, Linux and Mac but inside is only a Windows exe, are you planning to export to linux and mac as well? 


With the next update we will make it compatible with mac and linux. Thanks for the comment!


Awesome! Looking forward to playing it!


Looks promising!

Thank you! This week there will be a new update with the new game mode!


 Very funny!!! It's great!!!  We love!!! 


Cool!! different!!, fresh!! Good Job!!


Nice game! I love it!